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Aylesbury Dog Grooming Salon

Opening Hours


Based in Broughton, Aylesbury

Monday - Thursday 0900-1800

Friday 0900-1700

Saturday 0900-1500

Sunday Closed


About Me

Hello, I'm Laura

I have always had a love and passion for dogs, even as a child my whole room would be covered in Dalmatian's  and I would sit outside my house selling my toys and anything I could to raise money for dog charity's.

I trained at Groom Arts Academy in St. Albans in 2016 where I gained my Level 3 City & Guilds qualification. I have also worked full time in a dog grooming salon but made the decision that I want to set up my own business.

I have set up my own fully equipped salon at my home with specialist grooming equipment and offer a one to one stress free service for your dog who will also receive lots of cuddles and love in a safe and calming environment.

I have also been listed as one of the Top 3 Pet Grooming businesses in Aylesbury Vale by Three Best Rated.

All breeds from small to large are welcome and I can guarantee they will be well looked after and will leave the salon feeling fabulous and happy :)



Please note each dog breed is unique and requires different groom styles and time. Please see below a guidance price for different services. Please contact via telephone, email or Facebook for confirmation

Wash & Dry

Includes bath, dry, brush, nail clip and cologne spray

From £25

Full Groom

Includes bath, dry, nails, ear cleaning/plucking, sanitary trim, coat clip and a cologne spray

From £38



This treatment is ideal for double coated breeds that shed hair. Includes bath, de-shed, nails trim and a cologne spray.

From £30

Teeth Cleaning -
£30 Initial Session
£15 Maintenance Sessions


·         Puppy Intro      From £20.00

It is advised to get your puppy used to getting pampered to build their confidence for future full grooms. This includes bath, dry, nail trim, face trim and plenty of cuddles

·         Nails  - £6.00

       Fleas - £10 additional to groom



Please note there may be an additional charge for extremely matted dogs


Cash or Bank Transfer only please


The Salon


Reasons to get your dog groomed

·  Removes dirt and keeps the dogs coat healthy and clean.

·  Health checks are carried out to make sure there are no lumps      and bumps or any skin conditions

·  It promotes hair growth and helps prevent matts which can lead to health problems.

·   It reduces moulting and de-shedding can be carried out to remove the dead hair.

· Any parasites are more easily seen.

·  Ears are cleaned which helps to reduce infections.

·  Nails are trimmed to a comfortable length

·  It creates better vision for dogs who have long hair on their faces.

·  Keeps your dog looking smart and healthy.


My books are currently closed for full groom service but I can highly recommend other groomers if you require this service

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